Metal Detectors

CS440XD - Excellent for novice and more experienced (CS-440XD)

Our beginners range starts at the CS440XD but there''s no  compromise on performance. The CS440XD is a lightweight professional format metal detector with variable discrimination which will simply eliminate signals from rubbish targets. Family fun on beach or inland sites is guaranteed with this neat detector at a budget price.  Great price for a professional C.Scope detector.

Weight (with Battery) - 1153g
Shortest (Collapsed) usable height - 1.0m
Maximum (Extended) usable height - 1.37m
Power consumption - 7mA
Estimated battery life (typical use) - 40 Hrs
Operating frequency - 17kHz ± 1kHz sine wave
Coil configuration - 3 coil concentric
Transmit coil diameter - 180mm
Maximum transmitted field strength - 30 µT at centre of head
Detection type - variable discrimination
Transmitter type - single frequency/self resonant
Receiver type - synchronous phase sampling
Search head receive signal - a.c.
Audio signal frequency - 531Hz ± 30Hz
Internal speaker - 50 mylar cone
Headphone socket - 3.5mm
Headphone output impedance - 680

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