Metal Detectors

CS1MX - Motion (CS-1MX)

Ultimate simplicity, automatic retune with the power of ''motion'' electronics are what makes the CS1MX special. Like a race tuned engine, the CS1MX is apdapted to high speed detecting with increased depth of detection. The lightweight and superb balance of the new C.Scope control box all add to the appeal of this introduction to power detecting at as eriously low price.

Weight (with battery) - 1153g
Shortest (collapsed) usable height - 1.0m
Maximum (extended) usable height - 1.37m
Power consumption - 8mA@ threshold
Estimated battery life (typical use) - 40 Hrs
Operating frequency - 17kHz ± 1kHz sine wave
Coil configuration - 3 coil  concentric
Transmit coil diameter - 180mm
Maximum transmitted field strength - 30µT at centre of head
Detection type - motion dual channel simultaneous discrimination
Transmitter type - signal frequency/self resonant
Receiver type - twin synchronous phase sampling in search head
Search head receiver signal - d.c.
Audio frequency - 600Hz
Internal speaker - 50 mylar cone
Headphone socket - 3.5mm
Headphone output impedance - 680
Audio output level @ 3.7kHz - 100dB

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