Metal Detectors

CS Newforce R1 - Computer Aided Search System (CS-Newforce R1)

The Newforce R1 harnesses the power of the micro-computer to check ground conditions, optimise depth and provide target identification data all in a user-friendly lightweight design. The computer can handle all the adjustments for the novice or the professional can select ''menu options'' to tweak performance exactly to his personal preference.

A unique ''radar simulation'' feature puts the raw signal onto the screen for visual analysis. The smart target analysis software inside the R1 can even sort targets into wanted and unwanted categories and advise the operator on whether to dig. Two search heads are supplied a standard, a deep seeking 25cm diameter head for general purpose detecting and a 15 cm head for working around obstacles such as stubble or undergrowth. The Newforce R1 does it all - the ultimate treasure finding instrument.

Twin microprocessor control system
3 Operating frequencies 6-7 kHz
Liquid crystal display with backlight
Radar simulation feature
High speed target analyser with ''Learn''
Target pin-point
Audio discrimination
User defined programs
25cm and 15cm search heads standard
Independent volume control
Counterbalanced battery box/armrest
Adjustable stem
8X AA battery power
Socket for (optional) headphones

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