Metal Detectors

CS5MXP Polo Head (CS-5MXP)


The CS5MX is Power detecting at its best. With an easily understood discrimination system it's a classic maximum depth detector for serious metal detecting enthusiasts. The CS5MX is a more effective deep search detector than some competitors at twice the price.



Operating System: Motion: 12kHz
Search-Head: 25cm open centre
Battery Power: 8 x AA 1.5 volt
Weight: 1.6Kg
Features: On/Off control, tuning, 2 x discrimination level, pin-point, boost. Highly tuned electronics with optional power boost. Adjustable stem length. Counterbalanced stem with armrest. Automatic motion retune. Target pin-point control. Signal intensity / battery check meter. Headphone socket.
Ideal For: Professional treasure hunters, inland use.


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